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Some Modern Technologies Baby Boomers are using

Baby Boomers are always known to get attention as a group wherever they go. Those born in us between the years 1946 and 1964 are known to as boom or baby boomers. They have carried a lot of history and demographic weight with them. Those weights are mixed with fascination, impact and interested in their collective voice. Boomers are retiring from their work now a days as they are aging, but it doesn’t mean they are suiting themselves in a rocking chair life. They haven’t lost their interest, influence or commercial appeal. Business are realizing the demographic weight of boomers especially the tech business.

Often the technological marketing for boomer have been overlooked as it was thought to be not the effective consumer market. Technology is more for young generation, but boomers have already uprooted this misconception with their increasing usage of new technology. Boomers are likely to have purchased the earliest version of computers in 70s. But as they are getting older they are more eager to purchase new and innovative tech products. Boomers are no less enthusiastic about tech products than young generation. Let’s have a look some modern technologies boomers are using currently.

Computer and laptops are becoming nearly inseparable part of their lives. Most of them are eager to buy laptops with some high configuration so they can enjoy a fast and reliable technical experience. For those who doesn’t have a home computer and laptop- they are using neighborhood or coffee shop laptops. There is a growing interest of using high configuration laptops and personal computer among them. They are also browsing the internet to gain information about anything they need.

Social media is another technology which has increasing popularity among boomers.

Facebook and twitters are now normal part of their life. In the beginning they referred social media as an invasion to their privacy. But now they are also flocking to social media site. The use of social networking by boomers increased 30 percent between December 2008 and May 2010.

The telephone was a pretty amazing technology during the age of boomers. But now boomers are now more interested in smartphones. Smartphones make it easy to text, which boomers are big fans of. Boomers, after all, can appreciate the effectiveness and speed of communication a text allows. Smartphones also allows boomers to check their email wherever they are. Boomers have effectively embraced the technology of smartphones with their life.