Boomer Technology


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Home Health Care Technology

As baby boomers are aging, the need is vast for the health care to be directed more in the convenience of their homes. Demographic data from the Center of aging Services Technology indicate that 80% of baby boomers indicate that they are willing to pay $100 and more for technology which allows them to be independent in and stay in their home. In fact 90% of baby boomers want to live at home and 0% want to live in a nursing home. All this data indicates that at home health technology is a growing trend and need especially for baby boomers and will help those adults live longer and more independent.

Some examples of the at home health care technology that can be used is remote monitoring. This machine provide up to minute information such as blood sugar levels, heart monitoring, pain levels etc that are transmitted directly to off site health workers. This technology allows constant 24 hour monitoring of medical information and diminishes the need for on site health workers and thus saves time and money for those individuals. This monitoring can also provide a special in house camera which allows direct interact with a nurse so it actually reduces medical appointment times and provides the necessary care for individuals.