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Car Of The Year 2016 Nominees

The candidates for the 2016 Car of the Year award have already been announced. The preliminary list contains 40 car models for the time being, but it will soon be shortened in two stages, until the jury decides on the finalists.

The European jury who organizes the 2016 edition of the Car of the Year award has recently revealed the competing car models. Starting with the new Audi A4 to the XC90 Volvo, there are 40 cars which will be compared twice, and go through a semifinal and a final in order to determine the favorite.

The preliminary list includes three Mercedes Benz models (GLC, GLE and AMG GT), three Audi models (A4, Q7 and R8), three Mazda models (2, CX-3 and MX-5) and three Renault models (Talisman, Espace and Kadjar). Apart from these, there are also two competing models from Ford (S-MAX and Mustang), BMW (S7 and X1), Honda (Jazz and HR-V), Kia (Optima and Sorento), Jaguar (XE and XF) and from Opel (Astra and Karl).

There are also some surprising nominations such as the X model Tesla or the 488 GTB Ferrari, two strongly contrasting premium models, as one of them is ideal for environmentally concerned customers and the other one for sport cars enthusiasts. However, there are a few favorites for the title which include but are not limited to Volkswagen Touran, Skoda Superb and the XC90 Volvo.

As usual, all eligible candidates must be models that can already be found in dealerships, or models launched in no less than 5 countries by the end of the year, which are expected to have at least 5000 sold units in 2016. After the first voting phase there will be seven nominees announced at the beginning of December 2015. The winner will be announced in March, at the 2016 edition of the Geneva Auto Salon, on the first day of the event.

The winner of this year’s European Car of the Year award is Volkswagen Passat, and the previous edition was won by Peugeot with its new 308 generation. At that time, this compact car managed to overthrow models like the i3 BMW and the S model Tesla. In 2014 there were 30 competing cars and the final battle was also between seven models. In 2012 the Car of the Year award was won by Volkswagen Golf 7.

The 2016 Car of the Year award jury includes 58 experienced auto journalists from 22 European countries. Unlike other awards of this kind, there will be a single, absolute winner. There are no multiple awards based on the class or the category of the car. That is exactly why it will not matter if the car is a premium or a volume one, if it is powerful or economic, beautiful or not.