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Car of the year 2016 nominees

Car of the year 2016 nominees

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The candidates for the 2016 Car of the Year award have already been announced. The preliminary list contains 40 car models for the time being, but it will soon be shortened in two stages, until the jury decides on the finalists.

The European jury who organizes the 2016 edition of the Car of the Year award has recently revealed the competing car models. Starting with the new Audi A4 to the XC90 Volvo, there are 40 cars which will be compared twice, and go through a semifinal and a final in order to determine the favorite.

The preliminary list includes three Mercedes Benz models (GLC, GLE and AMG GT), three Audi models (A4, Q7 and R8), three Mazda models (2, CX-3 and MX-5) and three Renault models (Talisman, Espace and Kadjar). Apart from these, there are also two competing models from Ford (S-MAX and Mustang), BMW (S7 and X1), Honda (Jazz and HR-V), Kia (Optima and Sorento), Jaguar (XE and XF) and from Opel (Astra and Karl).


There are also some surprising nominations such as the X model Tesla or the 488 GTB Ferrari, two strongly contrasting premium models, as one of them is ideal for environmentally concerned customers and the other one for sport cars enthusiasts. However, there are a few favorites for the title which include but are not limited to Volkswagen Touran, Skoda Superb and the XC90 Volvo.

As usual, all eligible candidates must be models that can already be found in dealerships, or models launched in no less than 5 countries by the end of the year, which are expected to have at least 5000 sold units in 2016. After the first voting phase there will be seven nominees announced at the beginning of December 2015. The winner will be announced in March, at the 2016 edition of the Geneva Auto Salon, on the first day of the event.

The winner of this year’s European Car of the Year award is Volkswagen Passat, and the previous edition was won by Peugeot with its new 308 generation. At that time, this compact car managed to overthrow models like the i3 BMW and the S model Tesla. In 2014 there were 30 competing cars and the final battle was also between seven models. In 2012 the Car of the Year award was won by Volkswagen Golf 7.

The 2016 Car of the Year award jury includes 58 experienced auto journalists from 22 European countries. Unlike other awards of this kind, there will be a single, absolute winner. There are no multiple awards based on the class or the category of the car. That is exactly why it will not matter if the car is a premium or a volume one, if it is powerful or economic, beautiful or not.… Read the rest

Internet: Benefits for Senior Citizen

Internet: Benefits for Senior Citizen

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Scotts-party-7The numbers of senior citizen are increasing every year all over the world. Senior citizens are part of our society and culture. They are also showing interest in the ever growing world of internet. The usage of internet is getting more popularity among senior citizen now a days. The benefits of internet are too many to describe. There is nothing that can’t be found on the internet. So people of all ages can be befitted from internet use. Internet can help a senior citizen to pass the time happily without boredom, even after retirement.

Mental Benefits

Senior citizens often get mentally weak after their retirement from work. The busy schedule of life suddenly comes to a halt. This situation is not easy to manage, so they get depress and mentally weak. Internet is an ocean of knowledge and entertainment. Senior citizens are using internet to pass their time happily. The mental alertness of a person can be developed with the usage of internet. It is very helpful for boosting the mental condition of older people. Internet provide all kinds of entertainment options like video games. Research has shown that video games are helpful to boost the mental condition of older people.

Online Business

Earning money for your family is something you can always be proud of. People love to contribute in their family. As people retire from their work, suddenly the earning is stopped and they feel uncomfortable about this situation. With internet senior citizen can launch an online business. This business will help them financially and also keep them engaged in an activity. Internet has provided a great opportunity for senior citizen to earn even after their retirement. Home based online business are getting more popular among senior citizen.

Online Shopping

With their age, sometimes it gets difficult for senior citizen to visit market and buy their things. Online shopping has made it easier for them to buy anything they want from their home. Online shopping is the best thing that can happen to a senior citizen. In their age, they want to shop in comfort. Online shopping sites have provided that opportunity for them.


Explore the World

Every person has this dream of exploring the world, visiting new places. With their busy schedule of life, it becomes difficult for them to explore the world. Things are even more difficult for senior citizen as their age doesn’t allow them to explore new places. But they can use internet from their home to know about different information about different place. They can continue their quest of exploring the world through internet. There are thousands of videos in the internet of different places. This can be a great way of expanding their knowledge and getting to know about different things.

Contacting with Family

Senior citizen likes to keep in touch with their family and friends. Their age and financial conditional do not allow them to meet everyone in person. But through internet they can talk and even visually contact their … Read the rest

Online Business Ideas for You

Online Business Ideas for You

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The world of internet has so much to offer.


You can even earn your living working online and the process is not difficult at all. If you are thinking about starting a business on your own, there are plenty of difficult phases you have to go through. Starting a new business and making it a successful one is not an easy task at all.

Starting an online business requires good ideas and plenty of hard works. You must combine your innovative ideas with an effective marketing strategy to achieve success in online business. Turing your ideas into reality was difficult few years ago, but with the growth of internet starting an online business will not be difficult for you. Here are some tips which will help you to start earning money online.

Becoming an affiliate and earning money is one of the most popular internet business. But the task is not easy at all. You will require some formal training before you can start to earn money. People worldwide are earning millions with online affiliation. Affiliates store are a third party store from where people buy things. Amazon is known to be one of the most popular affiliate’s medium all over the world. You must have a list of email of clients to start your journey. You can build some sites and work on different products to gain some knowledge.

Starting an ecommerce store is another way of earning money online. Ecommerce sites have been a revolutionary business idea since last few years. You can design an ecommerce site on your own but designing the site with professional help is always a good idea. All you need is a domain to run your ecommerce store. Then the process of marketing begins. You must have an effective strategy of marketing to turn any online business into a success.

There are many cleaning services available in you city. If you want to become a cleaning such as cleaning company – Montreal Maid Services you should launch a site for your clients. Your customers can order online service from you and your business will be booming within few weeks. No matter what kind of business you do, you have to take it online to get the full benefit and profit. cleaning service Montreal is a kind of service most people are looking for. If you are available online, your customers will be able to find you easily.

There is another popular method of online earning which is blogging. Starting a blog site and turning it into a successful one is not easy. You need to post quality contents in your blog site and attract huge amount of traffic. When your blog site is popular you can sell space for advertisement.

Some other popular forms of online earning are selling products on eBay, you can set a target where the margin of benefits are high. Earning online is easy when you know how to do it effectively. You need dedication and hard work … Read the rest

Top Technologies Baby Boomers Are Using

Top Technologies Baby Boomers Are Using

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Technology has nothing to do with age. Baby Boomers have proved that technology is not only for young generation. As boomers are aging, they are finding more uses of latest gadgets. The usage of latest gadgets among boomers have increased in recent years. The right gadget should be useful for people of all ages. Therefore boomers are not holding them back to enjoy the features of latest technological inventions. Here is a list of some useful technologies which boomers are using to make their life easier and fun.

An Apple iPad holds the first place among the gadget choice of boomers. The incredible and amazing features of an iPad has attracted their attention. An iPad has become an ideal companion for them. The operations of these gadget has been made easier so boomers find those easy to use. An iPad can be used for e-reading or watching videos. Boomers spend a lot of time reading online articles and magazines and iPad is the right tool for them. The design of iPad is getter slimmer and they are also very easy to carry. More boomers are using iPad than any other device now a days.

The presence of boomers in social networking site has been amazing in recent years. Boomers are making their presence in social networking sites with their thoughts. As they lived through the ages of war, their thoughts are more valuable to young generation. Boomers are using smart devices to connect to the world of Facebook and twitter. They are also using social networking sites to promote their small business. Social networking is a powerful tool to strengthen the online presence. As boomers gets free time during this age of their life, they like to connect with outside world. Facebook has made networking easy for them.


Mobile Banking is another technology which is very popular among baby boomers. During this age of their life, it becomes hard for them to make a physical presence in the Banks to pay bills and other stuffs. So mobile banking has made life easier for them, as they can now pay bills sitting on their couch in their home. Mobile banking technology has been highly appreciated among baby boomers it is the faster and easier means of paying your gas, water and electricity bills. As most boomers are now using smart phones, they can easily use the mobile banking feature.

It is a bit hard to believe that boomers will use the a sophisticated gaming device like Xbox, But studies have shown that Boomers are now more interested in gaming to pass their time Therefore they are using gaming devices like Xbox, and Wii. These devices allows them to get their whole body into gaming. Gaming has become very popular among baby boomers. Regardless of their ages, they are enjoying every bit of their gaming experience.

Some other technologies baby boomers are interested in are – Smart power strips, Google voice service and the GPS system.


 … Read the rest

Baby Boomers still like to have Fun

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There are around 76 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964, all of which are aging and are a great concern for the health care system. However, what is known about hose baby boomers is that they are the most wealthy, fit and most active generation so far considering they grew up in peaks of high level income, abundant food supplies and retirement programs. So, with all these facts in place we know that those baby boomers are the generation that tends to spend the money and wants to enjoy themselves.

What are some of the and most common and popular activities that appeal to Baby Boomers?

Concerts and live band

Baby boomers tend to love to interact more with people face to face and like to socialize. After all this is what they grew up with and what they like doing. So do not be surprised that you will have a baby boomer first to book for this great concert, fancy music hall, amazing live band and arrive to the location with a luxury limousine service. They have the money to spend and like luxury, comfort and style, and a limousine is one thing that appeals to baby boomers. A limousine additionally nowadays is affordable, and limousine companies offer all kinds of wedding limo service, limo styles that go above and beyond the traditional stretch limousine. It can include corporate looking cars, luxury sedans, SUV limos, antique and exotic cars so this can be exactly what someone can be looking for if they want to impress, have a good time and have some money to spare on a great night. Additionally baby boomers are older and wiser and are not willing to be drinking and driving and therefore renting with Toronto limo VIP that is affordable will give them the comfort, safety and the peace of mind to enjoy the rest of the evening in style and have this drink while being seated in the Toronto Wedding limo with their friends or partner.



Its no longer a fact that nowadays its only the generation who are going out to dances. dinner restaurants with friends and dating…watch out for the baby boomers because they are catching up to all this with style and grace. Baby boomers apparently have the highest divorce rates  among all age groups, which leaves them looking and wanting to go out, date and have fun even more. Even the more reason you will see them more on the internet looking for love or out and about searching for it. However it is for sure that when a baby boomer finds love or a connection, they will dress to impress and will take their date to that great high end restaurant or concert.  Baby boomers come from a generation where men are responsible, dependable and take out a women to impress her with his style and classiness. What else is better to provide this impression but again renting a luxury Toronto Wedding limo to … Read the rest

Some Modern Technologies Baby Boomers are using

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Baby Boomers are always known to get attention as a group wherever they go. Those born in us between the years 1946 and 1964 are known to as boom or baby boomers. They have carried a lot of history and demographic weight with them. Those weights are mixed with fascination, impact and interested in their collective voice. Boomers are retiring from their work now a days as they are aging, but it doesn’t mean they are suiting themselves in a rocking chair life. They haven’t lost their interest, influence or commercial appeal. Business are realizing the demographic weight of boomers especially the tech business.

Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network event - NYC

Often the technological marketing for boomer have been overlooked as it was thought to be not the effective consumer market. Technology is more for young generation, but boomers have already uprooted this misconception with their increasing usage of new technology. Boomers are likely to have purchased the earliest version of computers in 70s. But as they are getting older they are more eager to purchase new and innovative tech products. Boomers are no less enthusiastic about tech products than young generation. Let’s have a look some modern technologies boomers are using currently-

Computer and laptops are becoming nearly inseparable part of their lives. Most of them are eager to buy laptops with some high configuration so they can enjoy a fast and reliable technical experience. For those who doesn’t have a home computer and laptop- they are using neighborhood or coffee shop laptops. There is a growing interest of using high configuration laptops and personal computer among them. They are also browsing the internet to gain information about anything they need.

Social media is another technology which has increasing popularity among boomers.


Facebook and twitters are now normal part of their life. In the beginning they referred social media as an invasion to their privacy. But now they are also flocking to social media site. The use of social networking by boomers increased 30 percent between December 2008 and May 2010.

The telephone was a pretty amazing technology during the age of boomers. But now boomers are now more interested in smartphones. Smartphones make it easy to text, which boomers are big fans of. Boomers, after all, can appreciate the effectiveness and speed of communication a text allows. Smartphones also allows boomers to check their email wherever they are. Boomers have effectively embraced the technology of smartphones with their life.

 … Read the rest

Home Health Care Technology

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As baby boomers are aging, the need is vast for the health care to be directed more in the convenience of their homes. Demographic data from the Center of aging Services Technology indicate that 80% of baby boomers indicate that they are willing to pay $100 and more for technology which allows them to be independent in and stay in their home. In fact 90% of baby boomers want to live at home and 0% want to live in a nursing home. All this data indicates that at home health technology is a growing trend and need especially for baby boomers and will help those adults live longer and more independent.

Some examples of the at home health care technology that can be used is remote monitoring. This machine provide up to minute information such as blood sugar levels, heart monitoring, pain levels etc that are transmitted directly to off site health workers. This technology allows constant 24 hour monitoring of medical information and diminishes the need for on site health workers and thus saves time and money for those individuals. This monitoring can also provide a special in house camera which allows direct interact with a nurse so it actually reduces medical appointment times and provides the necessary care for individuals.

 … Read the rest

Baby Boomers Embrace GPS

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Baby boomers are growing up and are traveling more and more. They are looking for technology to provide them with easier ways and a better quality of life. Gone are the days when you would pull up the map from the side of your car and look for your way through a road trip or ask a passing car, gas station or person. Baby boomers do want to enjoy life and looking for easy and simple solutions for this. They have gladly embraced and learned the use of GPS to navigate their way through trips and travel vacations and not only have they embraced this technology, in fact there is a great need for this technology. Not only is it helpful in leading the way but it also aids any aging adult that has dementia and loss of memory where the GPS can help lead the way back home in some cases and direct the path.


 … Read the rest

Why are Baby Boomers Tech Savy

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Most of you have this notion that baby boomers will not adapt technology, however you will be surprised. More and more, baby boomers are embracing technology and participating in it. In fact nowadays, if you do not target and include baby boomers in your marketing campaign, you are missing a big niche.  Baby boomers represent around 25% of the population however consume around 40% (spending)of it.

Additionally, baby boomers are looking for ways to improve their lives and thus are looking for the technology to support this and they have the finances to support it. According to Forrester’s Research, baby boomers are leaders in the market for money spent on new technology and users in social media (around 34% of users on the internet). If you think about it, it makes sense…they have spent years in careers in health, education etc and are retiring with more net worth and income. The key is that you need to figure out what technology they prefer and its seems that baby boomers tend to prefer technology where they are able to get things done.… Read the rest