Boomer Technology


Home Health Care Technology

by As baby boomers are aging, the need is vast for the health care to be directed more in the convenience of their homes. Demographic data from the Center of aging Services Technology indicate that 80% of baby boomers indicate that they are willing to pay $100 and more for technology which allows them to be independent in and stay in their home. In fact 90% of baby boomers want to live at home and 0% want to live in a nursing home. All this data indicates that at home health technology is a growing trend and need especially for...


Baby Boomers Embrace GPS

by Baby boomers are growing up and are traveling more and more. They are looking for technology to provide them with easier ways and a better quality of life. Gone are the days when you would pull up the map from the side of your car and look for your way through a road trip or ask a passing car, gas station or person. Baby boomers do want to enjoy life and looking for easy and simple solutions for this. They have gladly embraced and learned the use of GPS to navigate their way through trips and travel vacations and...

Mature couple relaxing at home

Why are Baby Boomers Tech Savy

by Most of you have this notion that baby boomers will not adapt technology, however you will be surprised. More and more, baby boomers are embracing technology and participating in it. In fact nowadays, if you do not target and include baby boomers in your marketing campaign, you are missing a big niche.  Baby boomers represent around 25% of the population however consume around 40% (spending)of it. Additionally, baby boomers are looking for ways to improve their lives and thus are looking for the technology to support this and they have the finances to support it. According to Forrester’s Research,...